Researchista drives for a world, where humanity understands that everything in the universe is interconnected and therefore, interdependent. It contributes to a human society that greatly benefits from the capability of doing research with the right perspective. A society that understands the overall mechanism of the system, but will hardly be able to understand all its details. A society that appreciates and respects the system to which they are part of and remembers that this system in its turn is connected to the large ecosystem of the world thus, can live together on this planet a great life.


Researchista challenges the status-quo in research and inspires people around the world to carry out research with the right perspective, the right attitude, and the right commitment. The right refers to the red threat that advances research of crucial importance to the challenges that humanity at the moment, such as: climate change, growth of population, social and income inequality that leads to more consumption and to more limitation of natural resources and deterioration of our habitat: the earth. Researchista provides orientation and support to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers. It helps researchers to live a fulfilling life and enhances at the same time the human society.


Researchista provides a communication platform that enables and facilitates researchers to do a great job. It connects researchers among themselves and with the society. It enhances the collaboration between researchers and institutions from the public and private sector by offering those services.

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