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National Research Fund of Luxembourg [ENG]

A PhD thesis is a body of several years of work and countless hours of writing. Yet, most PhD theses do not go beyond that, meaning the outcomes of the research simply and mostly do not reach ordinary citizens.

“Research communication or valorization is honestly not on the priority list of a researcher, at least, during the PhD. Unless there is a grant on communication or some extra will, researchers mostly don’t have time to communicate to the general public. They are focused on publishing and getting the next paper/experiment done.

“My way to give back happened to be: a game. This way, everyone can play it and before fully realising it, I started a new journey in life – entrepreneurship in education,” Dr. Irina Burlacu explains.

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TVR Moldova [RO]

Full video here and of course, photo with the beloved TV host, Ms. Ilinca Avram:


ProTV Moldova [RO]

Untitled“Paying taxes with pleasure? Yes! Irina Burlacu tells you how that is possible… few are known to be paying their taxes with joy. Irina Burlacu does not only thinks it is useful to pay taxes, but this can also be fun.

Play your taxes is a game that promoted economic education from school benches”. 

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Science Luxembourg [FR]

Science Luxembourg offered me the chance to speak to the curious public in Luxembourg about the Research background of Researchista, about the importance of paying taxes to maintain the welfare state, about the need of Research in this and other social sciences area. Here, I also speak about our freshly launched Kickstarter campaign on Researchista’s board game, made out of a the PhD thesis that was graduated from the benches of Maastricht University and was financially supported by the funding partners from Luxembourg, called National Fund of Research.


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City Magazine Maastricht & Region [NL]


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Maastricht University [ENG]

by Alumni Office


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Full interview in Dutch can be found here (22.08.2016).

Diez, Youth News [RO]


Full interview in Romanian can be found here (22.08.2016).

TEDxMaastricht, Pitch Night [ENG]


For 3 minutes (and few extra seconds), Researchista presented her first public speech on 27.06.2016 about her blog and initiatives. It was a great experience, thank you TEDxMaastricht! (130 applicants, only 18 selected, almost 200 people present in the audience) Delightful night at Brandweer Kantine.


This picture has almost 3.000 views in 2 days [is it for wearing a dress and high heels, I wonder?] Good to know about the impact of my speech and/or fashion 🙂 Oh, wait, maybe it was because of my PhD thesis that I am holding in my hands! For whatever reason it is, thank you very much for taking time to share Researchista’s experience and insights, I hope together we can make a change in how Research is perceived and what important role it plays in our lives. If you ask me, I think it is beauty & Research that will save the world  😉


Maastricht University, “Observant” [ENG]

This Researchista's first written interview, Maastricht University Newspaper "Observant", written by Ms. Cleo Freriks, 11-May-2016

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The original article can be found here (11.05.2016).