(16) Anxiety during PhD (2): prevention is the key.

As symptoms of anxiety can hold you back enormously in your career, it is essential to open up the discussion about this topic and to share knowledge and tools that help you manage and prevent anxiety. This blog/video is made with the goal to help you as a researcher to feel good and achieve great results in your career. This is not in any way a replacement of medical care and if you experience severe anxiety symptoms, make sure to contact a medical professional.

As a Researcher you might worry about your future, about your next paper and whether or not you will make the deadline. You are constantly envisioning what could potentially go wrong… As a result, the body and mind starts to respond as if there is a real threat.

Your body is actually preparing you to run away as quickly as possible. After a while you might start to experience anxiety symptoms such as :

  • Panic attacks
  • Racing heart
  • Quick breathing
  • Excessive worrying

Combined with other circumstances, such as not enough sleep, unhealthy food and products such as coffee and sugar, it not so surprising that you are experiencing these symptoms. That is why prevention is key!

Symptoms of anxiety are completely normal. They can happen to everyone, at any time.  It doesn’t mean you are weak or not strong enough. First of all I would advise you to not focus too much on anxiety. Where attention goes, energy flows. So if you focus a lot on the symptoms, you are directing your attentions towards it.

You can learn to direct your attention as much as possible to feelings of trust and feeling good, while at the same time managing the symptoms of anxiety you are experiencing.

In this video I am going to give you a number of easy lifestyle tips to prevent anxiety. Then I am also going to tell you more about a method that can be very beneficial to stop your worrying mind – and prevent anxiety on the long run.


By Daniëlle Branje,

Health Researcher & Trainer/Coach


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