(17) Anxiety during PhD (3): trust more, stress less.



 As symptoms of anxiety can hold you back enormously in your career, it is essential to open up the discussion about this topic and to share knowledge and tools that help you manage and prevent anxiety. This blog/video is made with the goal to help you as a Researcher to feel good and achieve great results in your career. This is not in any way a replacement of medical care and if you experience severe anxiety symptoms, make sure to contact a medical professional.

In the previous videoHow to make sure that anxiety is not holding you back” I shared with you the difference between anxiety and fear and you learned that people with anxiety are often living with their mind in the future.

In this video I am going to share with you two simple (and free) exercises that will help you to calm down your mind, to stop living in the future and start living more in the present moment. These exercises will help you to trust more and feel less stress.

I wish you an inspired and ambitious career without sacrificing your mind, body and soul.

By Daniëlle Branje,

Health Researcher & Trainer/Coach
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