(10) Tips on how to improve your writing

Writing about your work is not an easy thing to do, especially in the beginning of your career. Writer’s block, deadlines, and stress are more common among writers than you might think at first. Add to this that many of us write about their work in their second or third language, and it becomes easy to understand that writing takes some effort and patience. However, there are some things you can do to make the writing experience a bit easier.


To start, having to write about a topic “because we have to” rather than because we find an intrinsic meaning in doing so can make writing a real struggle. Writing typically becomes easier when we focus on a topic we feel comfortable with and which we find worth writing about.

Once decided on the topic, it is important to find good sparring partners. These can be colleagues, co-authors, friends. Having a diverse group of sparring partners – including both people who are well familiar with and people who are laymen in the topic you have in mind – can help greatly to write an article that may attract a wide audience.

Finally, it is important to set clear goals, monitor your progress towards these goals as you go, and find a good balance between writing activity, other work-related activity, and time off! Really, enjoy your breaks, take your time off, for sometimes that is what we need to see how to advance where we got stuck for a bit.

by Jimmie Leppink

To read more, see here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/twelve-tips-maintain-improve-productivity-quality-your-jimmie-leppink?trk=mp-reader-card



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