(33) Public speaking and you.

Be it at conferences, seminars or a public x talk, public speaking is not so easy as it seems from aside when the speakers flow their speech, but neither it is so impossible and difficult to succeed, as our Special Guest, Mr. Paul Rulkes suggests, enjoy his tips!


The power of know-feel-do

Some time ago I was asked whether I do motivational speeches. I answered that being motivational is the minimum requirement for any speaker. What really matters, however, is how the audience will be better off after I’m gone.

Your job as a presenter is to improve the condition of the audience. All else is just commentary.

A great presentation is therefore never about you, your ideas or your project. Instead, a great presentation is about the people listening to you. If you really want to present with impact, start your preparation with this one magic question: “how will the audience be better off once I have left the room?”

Then design your talk using the power of know-feel-do:

  • This is what I want the audience to know.
  • This is how I want the audience to feel.
  • This is what I want the audience to do.

If you ignore these objectives, you become just an empty entertainer or a droning bore. Both are equally bad.

Motivation is overrated. It is the conversation afterwards that counts.

by Paul Rulkensan expert in high performance: the art and science of achieving bold goals with the least amount of effort. More successful ideas, including his popular TEDx talks, can be found on www.agrippaci.com


With love for Research,


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