(55) Research on MUSIC: do-your-little-research.

At the end of every topic on Researchista, we encourage people to apply different Research techniques to improve their daily life with a “do-your-little-research” post. How: Just like in real-Research projects, your-little-research can start with a goal or a problem of your concern (e.g. how to change faster a habit, how to eat healthier), you can then apply an improvisation of a Research method (e.g. observation, experiment, interview, data analysis), do-your-little-research and solve your problem, as easy as that 😉 

This month we discussed a lot about how music influences our life. We found how important music is and that it is everywhere, even inside our bodies! Thanks to all Special Guests and friends who were part of it!

the little-music-experiment

This time, a movie inspired me to ‘do-my-own-little-research’. The TV-series Lie to me”  helps people understand genuine reactions in a certain situations. By asking questions and see people’s reactions, the main character finds out if someone is lying or not, here is the trailer:

… and here I am, reading this: “there are two particular emotions that music portrays relatively easily: happiness and sadness” (Schellenberg, Peretz and Vieillard, 2008) and thinking…  let me use what I learned from the movie and see what facial expressions people will have while listening to music, for example: a sad and a happy song.

The plan was to record very… smoothly the reaction of other people on the music, so that just like in the movie… I can see these reactions closer on my pc.

However, my friends were visiting and I decided last minute to change the design of my research and not record the reactions of random people, but people that I know and I can better read their reactions.

So, with the courtesy of well-known in the area musician – Rauf Berman – on a Saturday morning together with my friends we are heading to have “a coffee and a song” at Hotel Derlon in the beautiful square of Onze Liever Vrouwe plein, here in Maastricht.

Here is what happened… it turned out a disaster :):):) My detective&camera-woman skills vanished as soon as the sun was out and my friends laughing all the time did not help.

The happy song was great, but unfortunately the quality of recording for the second song was so bad that I decided to not tire you with it.

Ah, at least it was a try! Advice: prepare your little-experiment in smallest details. No pressure though, it is only you who will know if you failed or not 😉

With love for Research,


A case hosting a very very old violin… Owner: Rauf Berman.



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