[PHD-WHAT Serie] Defence, offence or how writing a PhD thesis could make a difference? (1)

Hello my new and old Research-explorer friends and curious minds! In this new series of posts, I want to continue our basic wikiwho and wikihow about Research-related stuff. If you are new to our blog, feel free to explore some previous answers (who is a Researcher, how many are we in Europe, are we boring?). This time, we talk about The Book. In Research world, there is only 1 book and that book is “The PhD Thesis”, but what that has to do with YOU? Read and learn 😉

Just like a proud military showing off the medal(s) and reminding about the glorious moments of victory – let’s face it… if you are or have been a PhD students – there is a slight tingling sensation when your friends see your PhD thesis with your name on it and ask: did you write a book? is this your PhD thesis?

source: internet.

Little is known about this mysterious book, if you ask Researchista.

..but first things first: what is it exactly that you can do with a PhD thesis?

Can you give it as a gift to a friend? No. Hahaha, I just pictured it, please don’t do it! Unless.. of course it is the day of your PhD defence and you paid for 100 copies and need to share it with colleagues, friends and family.

Can you buy it? No. It is a book usually written from public funds, not for sale.

Can you sell it? Nope, it is not for sale.

Can you take it with you for holidays? No. Oh, wait.. NO.

Finally, can you.. read it? You could try, but would you understand it? Probably not. Not because it is written in a language you can not read, but it is a book full of technical terms and has strict scientific language..

Researchista and the typing machine

So all these people gathered to discuss a book about NOTHING?

Researchista defending her PhD thesis at Maastricht University

So, WHAT IS THIS book called “PhD thesis”? 

What can you do with it?





to be continued…


With love for Research,




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