[PHD-WHAT Serie] Defence, offence or how writing a PhD thesis could make a difference? (2)

Hello my new and old Research-explorer friends and curious minds! In this new series of posts, I want to continue our basic wikiwho and wikihow about Research-related stuff. This time, we talk about ‘The Book‘. Basically, in Research world, there is only 1 book and that book is called “PhD Thesis”. What that has to do with YOU? Read and learn 😉


No offence, but it’s not like you can do much with a PhD thesis immediately after it has been written, or can you?

Can you?

Writing a book – not to mention a scientific book – requires so much effort, so many hours of work spent in front of the computer and manuscript, on editing, on talking to people, on moments of desperation or feeling lost.

Is it the case that this book is merely a Proof that one can scientifically think and write? 


Is that all that a PhD thesis does?  

Researchista is heading next week to her home university to find out her answer.

my school
my school, so proud! top left: the PhD student Sepideh Yousefzadef is carrying her thesis while heading to the AULA to defend it.


With love for Research,



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