2 Years of Researchista: Fact & Feelings

And when you think that nothing much has happened because of this and that….

RESEARCHISTA – ladies and gentlemen!!! 2 Years of dedication, entrepreneurial exploration, mindshift, creativity and much, much, muuuch love for Research ❤


It is usually before New Year’s that people count their blessings and remember what happened in the past year. For Researchista this is happening around Valentine’s Day. So, here is my second year in facts & feelings:

#1. Researchista visits European Commission with her FIRST DEMO.

If you are new to Researchista then you have to know that we made the first board game on taxes out of a PhD thesis and probably the only one based on real statistics. Scared? 😀


It was like yesterday, I am sitting in the local printing shop with a terrible headache, but forcefully determined to impress the European Commission with our work. So, we did! With special thanks for my friend Oleksandr O., we managed to have a super insightful meeting with representative from the DG Budget, who are in fact in charge of taxes in the EU!

Researchista’s visit at the DG Budget, European Commission (2017)


We learned everything we needed to know about institutional or partnerships.


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Learning about the opinion of perhaps the most important player in the area was extremely useful for us.


#2. Researchista launches a Kickstarter campaign for Mobility Era!

So.. soon after, we launched our first Kickstarted campaign. Here is all you need to know about this absolutely mindblowing, Erasmus students preferred game, one and only: MOBILITY ERA:


It was a success! Well.. almost. we did get financed 15% though, ops.

Yannick Dols playing Mobility Era at the Cube Design Museum during This is not a Design Conference by Maastricht Disrupt

#3. Researchista is marching for Science!

“No Research, No Progress” was our motto for March For Science-Maastricht.


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With the help of the amazing friends of Researchista and the wonderful Maastricht Disrupt crew , Researchista expressed her solidarity for all scientists’ efforts.

Researchista is particularly thankful to our knock-out designer-head-designer, Ms. Cati O., who as always makes Researchista’s crazy ideas look way better.


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#4. Researchista meets the Dutch high fashion designer Christian Lagerwaard and goes to Paris Haute Couture Week.

It was a life changing experience. A series of interviews with Christian Lagerward himself were published on Researchista’s Instagram account.


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#5. Researchista goes to Bucharest for Digital Divas Award 2017

Meeting Romanian fashion bloggers and celebrities.


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One day, Bucharest, I am coming to get you 😉

#6. Researchista continues her Fashionista collection for Photo Exhibition with PhD students.

Do you really think that communicating a story about a PhD thesis is that easy? … Laurien Nagels shares her story, she does make a difference. Photostiques describes the reality in pictures.


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#* Last and not the least, Researchista discovers the amazing Brightlands Innovation Factory – a game changer of the Dutch startup scenery.

Brightlands Innovation Factory, unique in the world for its startups life-cycle approach implementation

Et voilà!

Time to blow some candles

Lionettkes club

Here we are – 2018! Whatever goodies and lessons you have in store, bring it on! WE ARE READY<3

Researchista's Birthday_2

Thank you everyone for your support and dedication to Research and the things Researchista does, your effort is appreciated to the moon and back!

For my new friends, do you want to know what our 1st year looked like? Ah, it was equally sweet 🙂

With love for Research,


teaser with Rodion Burden





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