8th of March & my-little-Research

With the ”do-your-little-Research‘ posts, we want to encourage you to use Research in your daily life!  I would like to dedicate this post to all men.
This smile is for all men who helped me grow!
After some self-reflection and little-investigation, I realized that fortunately or unfortunately, most of the things that I’ve learned and helped me excell during my career came from.. men. True fact. Starting from my first boss to my last boss, I have learned HUGE.. expoo-nential, unn-explainable, huu-mangous amounts of things from men.
The most interesting things is that men also taught me how to pass on the knowledge and be giving and sharing to other colleagues so that I can make the community around me more friendly and more prosperous.
I learned that if I teach others and support others around, we will grow together and competition or anything like that becomes trivial, because you need to have an unique selling point, but nobody can be as unique as you are.
Focusing and working on the goal is all that counts.
The funny thing is that secondary and primary education, high school and university level throughout the world is mostly taught by women (I will sin today with general statements, but check statistics, they will tell you more or less the same). Inevitably, most of my high school teachers were women.
So, have I really learned it all from men?
Why is it that I came to learn so many things from men while climbing up on my career ladder? hmmm. Is it because I happened to work only with men? Is it because it happened that all my previous bosses were men? Is it because men were the most suited to teach me what I had to learn? Is it because they are simply more knowledgeable because they had more time to learn what they know? hmm  
For all I know is that there is something we need to discuss here…maybe this?
For all I can say is that both educators, men and women alike, helped me become a better version of me.
Wo-me-n: 1 word with 3 meanings ❤
So, thank you.
Today is the International Women’s Day and initially, I wanted to ask for an interview from a very special female leader in Maastricht and that is the Rector of Maastricht University, Professor Letschert Rianne. I admire her for her humbleness and lightness. Our talk about Researcher’s identity is still on my mind.

With love for Research,



p.s. special thanks to the man who took these pictures!


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