All of a sudden, Instagram and Facebook science-exploded. I could Not not stop noticing the booming trend in science communication created by Researchers themselves!

bp919zavkhb-extra_large.jpgIt looks like they took the power in their hands. bkzg1qrph6d-extra_large.jpgThey talk about their hurdles and hustles of being a PhD or a Researcher and most importantly.. they talk about their Research topic in their own language = the language that your grandma can understand.z8554l9a63a-extra_large.jpg

Photocredit to the Amsterdam bestie: Megan Alter Photography

Male model: Sebasteaan van Arnhem. Amsterdam shoot, March ’18.

You can go ahead and open to the world, but that usually takes a lot of time and energy and we all know how busy you are 😉  For a short-cut, Researchista got something for you! Here is what we could do together and ‘out of zone-of-comfort’ is the word you could describe it. Leave me a comment or write me your questions, there are a lot-lot to how to explore ‘the new way’ of talking about your Research..


A question to all Researchers-friends: what is your ‘new way’ to be heard?

With love for Research, R. ❤ 

p.s. As a Researcher, I can not make general statements without providing solid proofs, I will just make a reference to #togetherscience and from there you will unleash an explosion of Researchers doing communication.





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