That machine that keeps you going: your brain with NeuroReality.



 Here at Researchista, a Researcher and his/her Research is valued at the highest level, the reason why Research is written with capitals. The soon-to-be-Dr. and Researcher, Faviola Brugger Dadis stroke the world! Together with her brilliant company and team, NeuroReality help people who suffered brain stroke to restore their cognitive functions, but not only that…

The game Koji’s Quest by NeuroReality is applicable to anyone who wants to improve their lives by solving their cognitive problems or simply by improving life skills, while having fun! 

Koji’s Quest is not just a videogame, but a serious game which is healthy for your brain. It offers 5 different worlds each focused on a specific cognitive skillset including: calculation, attention (selective and divided), memory, executive function, visuospatial skills. Each game world is beautifully created by Macs and Linda, their 2D and 3D designers.



Faviola gathered an amazing team of Researchers, including Karen Kooiman, Caroline de Booij and Inês Pires. The joint PhD dissertation that Faviola is working on will cover “The use of virtual reality for cognitive neurorehabilitation following stroke”. Her PhD is a result of a wonderful cooperation between the Utrecht University’s Helmholtz Institute of Neuroscience and Cognition with the Department of Clinical Neuropsychology of the Vrije University Amsterdam.

Team Photo
NeuroReality Team (Amsterdam, 2020).

NeuroReality recently started beta-testing Koji’s Quest to gather valuable user feedback to keep the Developers, Glenn and Roy, busy with improving the game based on user and clinician feedback. It’s a must try when you’re in Amsterdam! Feel free to make an appointment to test Koji’s Quest by dropping a line to them at The General Manager, Ruben, will happily walk you through the game and gladly use YOUR feedback to finalize the game.

Sandy Rathod (PhD), the COO of NeuroReality, promises the beta launch of Koji’s Quest on September 1 so keep an eye on the social media channels to make sure you know where you can download the game and be one of the first to try it! 


“We are really excited about our beta launch. We will be using all of the great insights generated and combine them with clinicians feedback to further refine our science-based, clinical version of Koji’s Quest.”  

Watch NeuroReality on Dutch TV, use NR LinkedIn account to connect with this wonderful team. Reach out to NeuroReality via the following social channels:

Instagram | Facebook |Twitter| LinkedinMedium  and

So, who is in to play brain? 




With love for Research(ers),









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