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Every month we approach a new topic, unrelated to the previous month. It can be on fashion, poverty, nutrition, chemistry, etc. Around 4-5 posts are published in a month: every Monday. We start by introducing a topic, then continue with different subjects in that area. The last post of the month is encouraging everyone to do their own Research at home, here is an exampleIn these posts we show how you could use Research to improve your daily life!


Welcome to Researchista!

If you are a Researcher, you are at the right place. Or are you simply someone interested to:

  • learn what is Research about
  • know how Research can be useful to your daily life
  • try it since you have never done Research before
  • or you are here because one of your friends told you about Researchista Sparkles?

You are all at the right place. Yes, it is absolutely a web-site for PhDs and Researchers (it is made for you, about you and with you). More is coming up, for now, welcome to Researchista’s world…

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Important: This page is not for women only, absolutely not…

Good bye for now!

Upcoming: Launch of the Board Game made out of a PhD thesis, called “Mobility Era. Play your taxes!

Past events

  • Nomination for Business Development and Knowledge Transfer, Maastricht University, December, 2016;
  • Researchista’s Public Lecture and Launch at PAS Maastricht Festival, Sept. 2016,