Communication in Research is becaming increasingly important in ourdays, when most of the progresses are due to knowledge advancements. Researchista is about molding Research in the mainstream.


Welcome to “Researchista”, a blog done with love for Research. The name of “Researchista” came up to me when I saw the title of “Fashionista” magazine, while queuing for groceries in Albert Heijn, Ceramique, Maastricht (the Netherlands). This is how Researchista was born.


Hi, I am a Researcher. It is perhaps a weird way to introduce myself like that, but I believe that what this profession can offer and how it is viewed and used by the wider audience is not well balanced, read more here. I became what in the definition of European Commission is an Experienced Researcher at Maastricht University, world’s 4-th best young university (so proud!). I am originally from Moldova, student of Moldova State University (also proud of!) and a believer in the strong potential of the European Union’s regional economies.

With the blog I aim to: i) encourage people to read more research papers, otherwise you might miss out on a lot of things!;) please check my Facebook page for that matter, while ii) shining a feminine light on the processes behind research. Most importantly, I want to inspire researchers to communicate more their research to a wider audience, to go one step further than the usual research-writing-publishing routine (for coherence in the stories, please start with the story at the bottom to the top).

How can I help you? *If you are an Early-Stage Researcher – I will explore all options and creative ideas to fuel with some answers to your research dilemmas with special guests, talks, tips and trick, cheering up 🙂 . **If you are an Experienced-Stage Researcher, please be patient, some engaging things are upcoming.

How can you help me? Follow my page on Facebook or Twitter and tell your friends about it, &/ email me at researchistas@gmail.com with your reflections on how do you think a contemporary Researcher ‘should’ be? Do we fulfill our role in the overall picture of development, growth and policy making? Are we missing anything out?

The startup overall aims to promote communication through visualization. The core-idea is currently developing and more info is about to come, in the meanwhile let’s get to know each other through my Facebook page or the blog.

Lastly, I hope this page will answer to some questions and that we will learn together about the fascinating thing that stays at the foundation of most of the disciplines and progresses, called “Research”.

With love for Research,

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