(15) Anxiety during PhD (1): an introduction.

This introduction probably summarizes it best: “I want to tell you right away that you will not find an answer to the question above in this short blog piece, but I am sure most of those involved in PhD studies asked that question at least once. We all think we are so strong, tough, resilient, and adaptable, but somehow PhD gets under our skin, penetrates our brain and produces irreversible changes (and often not good ones) on physical, emotional and mental level” (Dr. Aksana Chizjevskaia).  Another PhD says: “we want to come across as super heros, but we are humans as well”.

By raising this topic, Researchista hopes to not fall in the ‘victim trap’, but to present some facts that makes one wonder why is this the case. Studies show that in the Netherlands at least 36.5 % of PhD students suffer medical depression. The situation in the UK does not seem to be brighter, 64% of PhD students (aged between 18-34 years) are feeling in isolation (more statistics here). What are the statistics in your country?

It was by chance that I found out that some PhD students do actually take anti-depressants. It is one thing when people randomly say they are ‘depressed’ because of heavy work loads, but when you friend tells you she takes anti-depressants to cope with her PhD, it might shake your world.

The special Guest Blogger of this month is Danielle Branje, she supports young professionals and business owners to create a meaningful and inspired career & life without sacrificing their body, mind and soul. She will try facilitate the work process of those who struggle with anxiety at the moment.


This month is entirely dedicated to health issues that Researchers might face. On ResearchistaFacebook & Twitter we try take some actions, join us by sharing the posts with those who might struggle.

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