Business Diary

I have to be honest with you, I have no clue about business. My parents were teachers all their life, it was not a word I would hear often. After Soviet Union collapsed, many started to privatize public goods and became rich over night (unprepared to deal with money), so business was not exactly a very positive word pretty much since I know myself. On top of that, after being in academia for a while, opening a startup or a launching a business is not exactly what most of us do, is not even hype to be honest (unless you worked at the School of Business or so). It is not even that I am running an actual business, as I have just started, but knowing all that you know about me above, I wanted to share with you my fragile steps as a Researcher in business world. Who knows, maybe it inspires more Researchers to start something when they are terribly unemployed….


Tip 4: Short-term contracts that are often followed by unemployment during an academic career is not an exception, some even argue that it is becoming a trend in some countries. 

With her business model, Researchista hopes to help in the future more Research fellows that are in this phase of their life. In the meanwhile, here is one tip that works at all times…


Tip 3: “What a lucky person I am!”


Tip 2: At all times have plan A, B, C..(words written post-sweat, worries and stress)

Photo credit: Kjell Lekness

Tip 1: Entrepreneurship can get real… even if you are a Researcher.