(25) Fashion & Research, part 2: the Industry.

:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIW_Ah0wg-w “Some day, when I’m awfully low and the world is cold. I will feel a glow, just thinking of you, and the way you look tonight….”, Frank Sinatra. Going that extra mile for that beautiful dress, that good quality shirt or those cool pair of jeans is not unfamiliar to probably most of us.Continue reading “(25) Fashion & Research, part 2: the Industry.”

(23) 50/50 Story

This story is about the “50/50” concept that I attributed to people who are working 50% in academia and 50% do policy consultancy work for national or international organisations; or in general anyone working in 2 different areas. There are probably many people who carry out their work in 2 different fields.. and this is challenging. I wish you find that mid-way and enough forces to successfully combine them and enjoy the best of the two worlds.

(20) Magic element: POLICY.

“The Story of the Magic 3 and the Earth” is prepared to introduce you to more types of Researchers, because Researchers are not only in academic circles (namely, the university). There are so many Researchers in business or in all sorts of organisations (e.g. lobbying organisations, think tanks, international aid organisations) and in all sorts of fields (e.g. electricity, foodContinue reading “(20) Magic element: POLICY.”

(19) Magic 3: Policy – Academia – Business

When I was small, “Sailor Moon” was one of my favourite cartoons, especially when she and her girlfriends gathered in a circle and took out their magic sticks with magic powers from the nature: fire, air, water and earth – to unite their powers and fight the evil… When these elements are apart they have one power, but when combined, they canContinue reading “(19) Magic 3: Policy – Academia – Business”

(18) Researchista: first 3 months.

Dear Researchista friends, Our group is increasing and maybe is a good idea to summarise what Researchista is about and what have I been up to since the web-site was launched. So, first things first. Researchista is about bringing Research in the mainstream. This is because at the moment, Research is probably not often seen as veryContinue reading “(18) Researchista: first 3 months.”

(15) Anxiety during PhD (1): an introduction.

This introduction probably summarizes it best: “I want to tell you right away that you will not find an answer to the question above in this short blog piece, but I am sure most of those involved in PhD studies asked that question at least once. We all think we are so strong, tough, resilient,Continue reading “(15) Anxiety during PhD (1): an introduction.”

(14) Writing & no RSI.

Intellectual work demands a lot of energy and effort. Apart from eating a lot of nuts and chocolate for brain, one also needs to be fit to be able to stay long hours in front of the computer. Someone told me once, a PhD student with no particular health problems was so exhausted from writingContinue reading “(14) Writing & no RSI.”

(13) Writing and RSI (my story)

Ah, PhD life…  So, that’s me and another PhD going to Spain, Palma-de-Majorca. Tasty food, beautiful beach, warm sand and refreshing breeze from the sea. This is me and my sister going few months later to Japan, in Tokyo & Yokohama, where I attended a world congress; thousands of researchers gathered there. Not too bad.. indeed, I couldContinue reading “(13) Writing and RSI (my story)”

(8) Hello dear PhDs, how are you?

We hope that our post finds you well. Nobody knows better than yourself what is the best way to advance in your PhD. You are the boss of your life, of your time and the master of your skills. We trust you are making the best of it and hope that the posts to come in April will help and inspire you with new ideas or different approaches to solve your challenges and concerns.

(7) Knowledge & Happiness III

Writing about happiness this time is like in the song “try sleeping with a broken heart”. It is just few kilometers away from Maastricht that last week, Europe has been shaken up so badly by the explosions that took place and few minor attacks that are revealed in Brussels as I write. Knowing that we are facing this challenging times, does not make us happy, but knowing and choosing to stay calm, kind, cautious and moving on with our lives toward happiness, might help?