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(1) The Origins of Research (as we know it).

It was in the German universities of the early 19th century that the “institutionalization of discovery” was integrated with teaching for the first time, after which it extended to England and the United States.


“An ideological change took place in the first half of XIX-th century, so that by 1850 German universities had almost entirely been converted into research institutes. (…) This involves four innovations:

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Love during PhD

Love during PhD

Inspired by the Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s book “Love during Cholera”, the title suggests that love during PhD exists 🙂  Without further drama, I would like to share with you some Valentine’s Day confessions that were cordially sent by friends and colleagues, who during their PhD happen to find their love on the way and the stories go like that…


Launch Researchista

Researchista is launching a new web-site on Research!

Thank you foR youR patience, the site is Ready on 14th of FebRuaRy 🙂12295387_1035014416520050_236308062898361376_n


With love for RESEARCH,