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This photo-project idea is part of the Fashion & Research Month. I also prefer to call it “Ode to Maastricht”, because these are a series of photoshoots carried out on the streets of Maastricht to explore together some history behind the walls of this beautiful medieval town. And yes, it has a hidden agenda, I want to shade a different light over the image that Researchers have.

Researchista goes Fashionista

That’s how my name came about after all! ­čśë

How can you benefit of Researchista_fashionista expertise? * Are you a PhD student? Are you a Researcher? If you are and if you feel like your family and friends still do not know or understand fully what exactly you are doing at work, then we are here to help you! Researchista_fashionista offers you the unique opportunity to be a Model-for-a-Day! Email us at: for more info. 

Researchista_fashionista is passionate about fashion. She loves colours, lines, bubbles and the effect of clothes on people’s mood. With Researchista_fashionista you will not only explore the fashion world and different Research topics on fashion (I am especially concerned with sustainable fashion, healthy fashion and eco-living), you will also embark yourself on a journey of an amateur into the world of fashion industry.┬á


MODEL-FOR-A-DAY: “I had to step back regularly and look at the big picture, or about my 1st year of PhD”

This time we went to see the Maas from the other side. Our guest this time is┬áLaurien, who is also our intern, of whom you have probably heard┬áabout┬ábefore ­čśë The story this time is not so much about the Research itself, since Laurien is in her first year of PhD, she already┬álaid her topic nicely┬áon our blog. This time, we wanted to know her journey into PhD.┬á…read the full story here

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MODEL-FOR-A-DAY:┬á“I, myself and my research project: treating the cause and not the symptoms”.

The location of our second┬áphotoshoot is one of the main streets in Maastricht: Maasboulevard. It is main because it runs through the junction between┬áStationstraat, a street that takes you from the train station directly┬áto the city centre… and with thee mmm, street itself. Basically, it’s at the cross-road of things. And also! not least important, it flows next to the river┬ábank of the Maas. This is where you can have a┬ápromenade and buy a┬áticket for a boat ride to Belgium..voila! or should I better say, gezellig!

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MODEL-FOR-A-DAY:┬á“And this is how it started┬á(on┬áLage Barakken)”.

Before anything, this is not how Researchers dress for┬áwork. I do not want to make Research sexy, neither do I want to promote a distorted image of people doing Research. I just want to make sure to remind that Researchers are creative people ­čÖé┬á


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Since this brand name is born in Maastricht, the Netherlands, when we were posing for┬áFashion & Research Month on Researchista┬á(….out of this and other concerns…..), the time came to explore what Maastricht has to offer. I also prefer to call this project “An ode to Maastricht: Researchers’ perspective”. These series of photo-shoots are carried out┬áon the streets of Maastricht to explore together some history behind the walls of this beautiful medieval town. And yes, it has a hidden agenda,┬áI want to shade a different light over the image that Researchers have. Sometimes maybe too much… light, but I mean well.┬áStay tunned! Researchista_fashionista does not stop there ­čśë

MODEL-FOR-A-DAY: Your story? 

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