Fresh Research

Hello friends! Fresh section is about publications (books, academic papers, policy briefs). Ideally, these would be latest, freshest books written by Researchers. [BOOK OF THE MONTH] Each 1st day of the month, Researchista will hand pick for you an interesting book to list through (or even read 😉 ).

May, 2017:  Prosperity versus environmental sustainability, innovation versus social security, equality of participation versus womenfriendliness and migrant-friendliness, social integration versus autonomy in international comparison. More can be found here.


December (Research on BRAIN month), 2016: In the”The Stuff of Thought”, the American cognitive scientists from Harvard wonders: what does the peculiar syntax of swearing tell us about ourselves?” Or put another way, “Just what does the ‘fuck’ in ‘fuck you’ actually mean?”, it looks understandable, doesn’t it? 🙂


November (Research on FOOD month):  It’s 1st of November, time to hear about a new book written by Researchers 😉 “This impressive compendium introduces readers to research in food history and sociology on diverse topics including food technologies, adulteration, marketing, and waste; nutrition, food security, and famine; farming, terroir, meals, and media; eating disorders, obesity, and food politics” by Anne Murcott, Professor at Food Studies Centre in London.


October: First day of the month means a new book written by Researchers 😀 Agile means the capacity to be quick in movement and also in thinking, to be sharp.


September: “The Dynamics of Socio-Economic Development. An Introduction” by Adam Szirmai, Maastricht University. “Why are poor countries poor and rich countries rich? How are wealth and poverty related to changes in health, life expectancy, education, population growth and politics? This non-technical introduction to development studies explores the dynamics of socio-economic development and stagnation in developing countries”.

You can buy it here

August: This book is Dedicated to one of the prominent historians in European social policy, Professor Jos Berghman (1949-2014), “The Young and Elderly at Risk”. Focusing on the young in its first part, the present book reveals the contribution of ethnic and social capital to educational outcomes, and the role of national and European policies in the transition from school to work, the duration of unemployment and the minimum income dependency of Europe’s youth. The second part of the book focuses on the elderly and discusses intersections with gender and ethnicity in old-age poverty, pension outcomes of mobile (cross-border) workers, the impact of the recent social security reforms and the possible outcomes of including financial assets and housing wealth in old-age income protection.

You can buy it here

In July, at UNU-MERIT here in Maastricht, you could take part in the launch of the book titled: “International Migration: A Very Short Introduction” by Khalid Koser. This handy and easy to understand reading is for anyone who wishes to learn more about what current changes in the world due to human migration. If you have a chance to buy it online, enjoy!


You can buy it here

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