Being a “Researchista” means being passionate about Research. Beyond the transgender talk on whether this is a women club only, regardless of your gender, I would like to invite you to send me your story of what makes you a fan of Research and a picture. This is to all males out there passionate about Research: I would almost be inclined to create one more club, called “Researchators” to attribute more masculinity to this name, but I am afraid I might get into gender-bias trouble. So, allow me in the meanwhile to invite you to dare to be part of this “Research-for-all” club, you might be surprised of its benefits in long-term.


Being a “Researchista” means being passionate about Research. Taking a transgender standpoint (gender neutral), it is important to clarify the confusion that might arise from its name: this is club for everyone (not only females passionate about Research).

In this sense, here is a message to all males out there passionate about Research: I would very much like to create another club, called “Researchator Club” :):):) (credits to Nardo de Vries for this name) to attribute a more male imprint in the name of Researchista, but I am afraid at this stage to get into gender-bias trouble. In the meanwhile, allow me to invite you to dare to be part of this “Research-for-all” club, do not fear of the title, it is generic. Whereas I hope you remember the mission to promote Research in the mainstream, that is very specific and hard work.

Regardless of your gender, as long as you are passionate about Research, I would like to invite you to send me your story of what makes you a fan of Research.

How to become a member: Send me your story in 2-3 paragraphs (max) and 1 picture at its page, answering to the following questions:

  • What do you like about Research?
  • Do you do Research? What type? (Academic/scientific, consultancy)? What area?
  • How can we make it more creative and fun?

The symbol of “Researchistas Club” is the wheat crown (driven by my Sweet Paprika fashion inspiration), which originally is the symbol of abundance and fertility. It is on purpose selected to remind you about your Researchista/Researchator quest.


“PhD Confessions”, new book

How did you experience your PhD? Are you struggling with your PhD? You haven’t even started and already thinking to quit? Tired or disappointed? What is so challenging about it? Let’s make our voice heard and make a (little) change with our own stories. Send us your confession (anonymous or not) to and maybe it will help you ventilate your feelings and leave room for new constructive actions? and..maybe… it will help others? We are currently collecting stories for a new “PhD Confessions” book. Are you in?

Requirements: 3-4 pages (or less, up to you), free writing style.


Time to speak out, dear Researchistas and Researchators! 🙂

With love for Research,




p.s. Some argue that a PhD is like a marriage.


Just like in real life, not everyone can have/wants to have children, neither all Researchistas or Researchators are meant to have babies. It is some of you out there who get to produce a definite outcome of a long-term process of Research and that is a PhD thesis. What is the story of how your PhD thesis came into this world? Write me 🙂

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