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Behind every contemporary (female) Researcher you will find good friends and lots of creativity!😉

At our Shop for Knowledge we sell knowledge inspired from Research (PhD theses, Results from Research projects). We want the world to learn more about the valuable information Researchers get to discover and deliver it in a form of an educational tool anyone can use, or shall I say, play?

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Financial education game inspired from a PhD thesis. After accomplishing her PhD program at Maastricht University Researchista used her determination and converted key principles from her PhD thesis into a game. This game turned out to be successful among financial education institution and European Union, now endorsed by Forbes Council.


#1 anti-plagiarism and friendly class software. Sergiu is a high school teacher for 42 years now has been experimenting with his physics and IT students for more than a decade with his designer of tests. As a true detective, he tried his software at least 60 times and the results are truly amazing. He used Research and observation to develop TD.

PhD Thesis Tool


Your PhD thesis turned into a tool is here. How do you envisage your PhD thesis if you were to say it is something tangible? What core message would it tell to the world? Contact us and let us discover the world of Research-Public wonders together!

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