Scientific work is not easy to understand and many times, is not easy to explain. Research outcomes do not often reach the general public, as well as the policy makers. Researchista has its way…

Every outcome made out of a Research effort is a sparkle of mind’s creativity and it requires extra effort besides the Research/scientific content itself. I hope you will get to enjoy the sparkles of our work! Here there are in the order of their creation:


MOBILITY ERA. Play your taxes! is the first Researchista product that is made out of topics and problems approached in a PhD thesis.

Throughout life, you get to encounter all sorts of life situations: unemployment, child birth, marriage, divorce, retirement, sickness. When we are young, we do not think of these questions so much, but as we advance in age, more knowledge on how to deal with such situations can be extremely helpful. This game combines elements of geographical mobility in different countries of the European Union (because is about free movement for work in the 28 European Union’s Member State) and life-cycle events listed above.

Free movement is the biggest success since the European Union has been launched (European Barometer, 2015). This game is about free movement of persons in 28 European Union’s Member State. It aims to inform about the great advantages of moving for work or study or other reasons among the European Union’s countries.

Mobility Era. Play your taxes!

Brilliant idea!“, Jiří BURIÁNEK, Secretary General of the Committee of Regions, European Commission: “The defence of European achievements such as the free movement in the EU is something recognized as essential in the EU construction and every initiative to strengthen these pillars are always very well received” (2017).

Projects like yours are most valuable to the Commission’s objective to bring EU closer to its citizens. I can only encourage your enthusiasm to teach citizens about the EU and make complex topics, such as the EU taxation comprehensible to a broad audience”, I thank you again for your passionate support for the European project and wish you the best of luck with the launch of your game, Mr. Anthony Agotha, Member of Frans Timmermans Cabinet of the First Vice-President of the European Commission (July, 2019).



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