(30) To be or not to be. To be. All the way.

Mondays on Researchista means Monday Blog. Without any further introduction, I want to share with you some Researchista thoughts in days like this. It is a special week for me. On a scale of intensity, it feels like this is an event between my PhD defence and marriage. And I could have not imagined it to take place anywhere else other than the University, Reseachista’s holly grail.


On Friday, I am breaking the doors wide open and let the general public see inside Researchista’s thoughts and vision on how things could work otherwise and first of all…I take people, whom I have never met before, on my journey on how I experienced doing a PhD. I mean, honestly, who cares how I experienced my PhD?? But… you got to taste it, you got to see it from different angles, you got to understand it, before you make your own conclusions about Research…


On Friday, most interestingly, I am launching my own business. This is just so funny. Me, who has no clue about business, me- who have never even dreamed to be a ‘business woman’, me – who finds savings as the most difficult thing on the planet? I haven’t read a fraction out of all things my friends know about startups (not proud), that me is opening her online shop soon… And because this is not crazy enough, I am going to sell knowledge!

Someone told me once: “Irina, your field of interest is dry, ok?  Your stories about Research don’t make anyone cry, it’s just this area you picked that is not so …. you know, topical, it’s not easy, it’s not even interesting“. Well, we shall see about that.

So, ladies and gentlemen, make some room, Researchista has arrived. I am going to rock this boat, called Research, my way. Sometimes delayed, sometimes too much, sometimes with grammatical mistake or poor English, sometimes unclear (I somehow also have to do some Research in my ‘free’ time), but always and always true to one goal: shed that light over the Researchers’ hard work, valuable outcomes and link it to the public. It’s our time to rise and shine.


Researchista is beyond an amateur business, Researchista is a vision. A vision lacking guilt, lacking blaming or pointing fingers at who is bad or doing it bad in (academic) Research, a vision that includes people behind Research. It is a journey into bringing the individuality out of Researchers, in a context where this is safe to do so… because Research is in the first place about being impartial, about leaving your Research results intact from yourself.

Researchista is about creativity, individuality and human kindness, sometimes with a drop naivety, in order not to forget the flavour of enthusiasm and curiosity.

So, let’s start:

Researchista is made out of love for PhDs very hard work, for ignored and let in the shadow Research outcomes and for all those huge public investments made in Research that sometimes remains out-of-touch from the public.


With love for Research,


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A researcher and self-made social entrepreneur decided to make a change on how research projects are seen and used by the wider public.

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